iCad Gravity

iCAD Gravity is a packaged software that includes analysis, design, drawing and quantity measurement for gravity retaining wall.
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Why should I choose iCAD Gravity?

Are there these features in gravity retaining wall software that you are considering to purchase?

Professional Team

iCAD is being developed and continuously updated by a professional team.


The reliability of the "iCAD Gravity Software" is tested as follows:
  • Many international book samples have been calculated,
  • Compared with international software also excel software,
  • Several numerical samples prepared by advisors,
  • By several of our customers since 2006 (designs and calculations).

Cohesion, Soil-Wall Friction Angle

Cohesion, soil-wall friction angle can be analyzed, therefore more realistic and economic calculation could be reached.

Safe Online Shopping

You can safely purchase software on this website.

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