•     Drawing "General View" of the "Stem"
  •     Drawing "Cross-Section" of reinforced stem
  •     Drawing "Location Plan" of base anchorage
  •     Drawing  "Plan View" and reinforcement of the foundation
  •     Drawing "Rear View" and reinforcement of the stem
  •     Drawing "Table of Quantities"
  •     Drawing "Weep Holes"
  •     Drawing "Drain Pipes"
  •     Drawing "Footing Keys"
  •     Drawing "Granular Material" to avoid drain blockage
  •     Drawing details of "Corner Reinforcement "
  •     Drawing "Crossties"
  •     Drawing "Support Reinforcement"
  •     Drawing "Rockfill" at the foot and in front of the "Retaining Wall"
  •     Drawing "Lean Concrete" for under the Foundation
  •     Drawing "Impervious Layer" above the backfill
  •     Drawing of "Rear main reinforcement of the stem" in one, two or three overlapping bars 
  •     Writing minimum "No Load" distance

Please click here to download drawing sample in dwg format