iCad Cantilever

iCAD Cantilever is a packaged software that includes analysis, design, drawing and quantity measurement for cantilever retaining wall.
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Why should I choose iCAD Cantilever? 

Because the following features of the "cantilever retaining wall software" could be valuable for you:

KonsolLayered Soil

Desired number of layers can be defined. The layers can be analyzed by the method of the effective or total stress. At-rest case can be considered. Soil cohesion, adhesion, wall-soil friction angle can be considered.


 Water Effect

The water can be defined in front of wall or behind the wall. Tensile crack and up-lift control can be take into account. Flotation control can be done.

KonsolDifferent Earth Pressure Coefficients

For Active Case   Coulomb, Rankine, Caqout-Kerisel vand Muller Breslau  methods
For Passive Case   Coulomb, Rankine, Caqout-Kerisel and Sokolovski  methods
For At-Rest case Jacky, Danish code, Overconsolisation and cohesive methods can be calculate.


Surcharge loads

The desired number of surcharge loads can be defined (Uniform, strip,line,trepezoidal, ramp, triangular and point)


 Ultimate Bearing Capacity Calculation

Ultimate bearing capacity of soil and admissible ground stress calculation can be done according to Terzaghi, Hansen, Skempton, Mayerhof or Vesic methods.



Stability Analysis

Sliding, overturning, ground bearing capacity, global stability analysis can be done for static and dynamic case. Settlement and rotation angle calculation can be done.


 Reinforcement  Concrete Design

Reinforced concrete design according to ACI 318-11 and TS 500 -2000. Shear friction and crack width calculation.



 Different Geometry

Modelling of different geometric shapes. For example L, Reverse L and T , relief shelves, base key, base anchorage etc.



Clear report supplemented with graphics. Summary and detailed reports, global stability reports, ultimate bearing capacity of soil report and Quantity reports can be done




Overall geometry of the wall, reinforcement scheme can be drawing. Optionally, weep hole, drainpipe, key application, impervious layer and granular material of size to avoid plugging weep holes can be drawing.