Release Notes

iCad Cantilever - 07.11.2014

  • Some improvements were made.

iCad Cantielever - 28.10.2014

  • Transaction error was corrected arising previous version in Base Anchorage screen
  • Elevation error was corrected in the drawing screen.
  • Reading problems experienced in some options parameters was fixed 
  • Some improvements were made.

iCad Cantilever - 06.10.2014

  • Desired number of Fx,Fz and M loads can be defined.
  • Note: Fx,Fy and M loads are only take into account in the stability analysis for now.
  • Vertical component of the dynamic loads can be take into account.
  • Soil Classes window were rearranged according to ASTM D2487.>
  • Display error has been fixed in the window of soil classes.
  • While there is no heel part on the footing, taking into account the positive effect of surcharge load error has been corrected.
  • Some improvements were made.


iCad Cantilever 

  • Please have look product page of iCad Cantilever.