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Jeo Jet Grout

Jeo Jet Grout , jet grout analysis, report and drawing software.

Jeo Jet Grout Project

  • Column bearing capacity analysis
  • Group column bearing capacity calculation
  • Liquefaction analysis in non-jet grouting soil layers
  • Liquefaction analysis according to Turkish Building Seismic Code
  • Liquefaction analysis according to Idriss Etc. method
  • Liquefaction analysis in jet-grouted soil layers
  • Multiple foundation analysis

Jeo Jet Grout Foundations

  • Water effect
  • Settlement analysis
  • Estimating jet grout column diameter according to the turbulent kinematic flow theory
  • Calculation of new soil allowable bearing capacity
  • Rectangular or triangular column placement
  • Three-dimensional representation of the model
  • Define multiple soil layers
  • Define different column diameters for each layer
  • Jeo Jet Grout Column
  • Unit converter