iCad Counterfort

iCAD Counterford is a packaged software that includes analysis, design, drawing and quantity measurement for counterfort retaining wall.
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Why should I choose iCAD Counterfort?

Are there these features in counterfort retaining wall software that you are considering to purchase?

Professional Team

iCAD is being developed and continuously updated by a professional team.


The reliability of the "iCAD Counterfort Software" is tested as follows:
  • Many international book samples have been calculated,
  • Compared with international software also excel software,
  • Several numerical samples prepared by advisors,
  • By several of our customers since 2006 (designs and calculations).

Calculation and Drawing

Calculations are made automatically and drawings can be genereted only a single button in a few seconds in detailed way.

Counterfort and Buttresses can be define

Counterfort and Buttresses can be define.

Defining of a Crossbeam

Crossbeam can be defined on top of the stem, thus more economic results can be obtained.

Defining Any Number of Buttresses

Any number of buttresses can be defined (except less than 4).

Pressure Coefficient Calculation Method

Active and passive states can be analzed using different methods.

Base Anchorage

Base anchorage can be defined under foundation of the wall.

Optional Analysis

Thanks to advanced analysis options parameters; analysis can be done like doing calculations intervene manually.

Detailed Drawing

iCad Counterfort can draw;
  • General wall chart,
  • Impervious upper surface, drain pipes, weep holes, granular material to avoid plugging weep holes and key applications,
  • Reinforcements,
  • Table of metarial quantities.

Defining Different Soil Layer

Different soil layer can be defined under, front and behind the wall.

Cohesion, Adhesion, Soil-Wall Friction Angle

Cohesion, adhesion, soil-wall friction angle take into consider in analysis, therefore more realistic and economic calculation can be obtained.

Calculation of Ground Safety Stress

"Ground safety stress" can be calculated and reported considering soil parameters and wall geometry.